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Purpose and Need

The primary Purpose of the Redbud Health Care District is to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of its citizens by organizing and providing high quality health care, consistent with available financial and human resources. The District contains over 34,000 citizens and continues to grow. A significant number, from children through seniors, require programs to support and improve their quality of health care, which in turn, will improve their quality of life. The purpose and need for improved health care and quality of life for the residents of the District have never been greater due to reduced health care funding by the Federal, State and County governments.

District Powers

The District derives its powers under the Local Health Care District Law contained in Health and Safety Code Sections 32000 et seq. The powers granted are rather broad so long as they are being used to benefit the District and are necessary to provide adequate health services. The broad powers conferred on a Health Care District includes authorizing a District to do all things an individual can do that are of advantage to or benefit the residents of the District. A District is authorized to do various acts when necessary to provide adequate health services, one of which authorizes the District to provide assistance or make Grants to nonprofit provider groups to benefit the District. A Health Care District also has the power to establish, maintain, and operate, or provide assistance in the operation of, health care programs, services, and facilities and activities at any location within or without the District for the benefit of the District and the people served by the District.



Board Member Dedication


The District Board members are dedicated to meeting the health care needs of the citizens of the Redbud Health Care District within District fiscal limits and the District Powers as authorized under Local Health Care District Law.
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